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The Decleor Approach

The Specialist in Aromatharapy Skin Care.

The science of aromatherapy is a true work of art.

For more than 25 years, Decleor has maintained a close alliance with the kingdom of plants, a relationship that stems from the wisdom of the ancient world and traditional pharmacy. Research scientists at Decleor have applied modern investigative techniques to the study of aromatic essences and have mastered their many benefits, transforming the science of aromatherapy into a true work of art. Selecting aromatic plants with infinite care and insisting upon aromatic essences of the finest quality makes the Decleor approach to skin care unique. Decleor has developed an exceptional and unequaled skill in the formulation of its 100% natural aromessence oils.

Widely acclaimed by beauty and skincare professionals' world wide, Decleor has created an original skincare concept, known as the "natural beauty booster". By combining the powers of aromatherapy (aromatic plant oil extracts), with the benefits of phytotherapy (plant extracts), Decleor has harnessed the best of the botanical world to help men and women rediscover a complexion that is radiant with health

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